Our friends at the State Bar's Collaborative Law Section invites members of the ADR Section to their program at the SBOT Annual meeting in June. 

On Friday, June 23, from 9:00 until 11:00, the Collaborative Law Section is hosting "Sitting With, or Running From, Conflict".  The speaker is renowned collaborative MHP (mental health practitioner) Linda Solomon, LPC, LCDC, LMFT, of Dallas.

Sitting With, or Running From, Conflict
Conflict creates special challenges to resolving disputes in the legal process.  Conflict can arise in relationships with clients, other lawyers and/or third parties.  All of these can work against an efficient and effective resolution to the issues.   Many people are uncomfortable being exposed  to conflict or do not know how to deal successfully with it.  Understanding the conflicts and how to best manage the emotional throes that result will help all parties work toward the best resolution.